Fastpitch Softball Pitching Instructor                       

My name is Bob Vanderberg.
Fastpitch softball  has been a part of my life for  over 40 years. When
I started pitching I never thought I would ever be teaching the sport I
love the most. I am currently teaching individually and also do clinics
on weekends. With students of all ages, beginners as well as
advanced, there is nothing better than a student returning for a
lesson and seeing the excitement on their faces as they explain how
well they have done in their games.  So this web site is dedicated to
all of my students. Please click on the "Students" link to see a list of
students, see their picture and a small article about them.
Please feel free to leave your comments.
Thank you,
The Web Page for my Fastpitch Softball Pitchers
Question?  What does Teach -U-2-K  mean?

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